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Ending registration of accounts by certain domains

Started by Ex Officio, 05-08-19 at 12:53 AM

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Ex Officio

We've started to get a Nigerian-scam spammer posting here, in addition to the usual spam.  I've shut off new registrations from a certain very large email provider.  With luck, our new Nigerian-scam spammer will Go Ogle some other forums for his garbage.

If you're someone who has just found this forum and cannot register from a public email provider, then (as long as you're not a spammer) try another, or use the email address from your ISP.

This should not affect existing, already registered, posters.  If any of our regulars suddenly find themselves unable to post, please create a new account and post in this thread to let me know that the ban system doesn't work as it claims to.

Ex Officio

If you are suddenly unable to log in and get a message that your account has been banned, please create a new account and let me know via posting in this thread.

I had to ban another major email provider due to a spammer problem, and although I have tried to limit it, I don't know whether the system will work using the pattern I set.

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