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Author Topic: Am I infringing on Disney?  (Read 107 times)


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Am I infringing on Disney?
« on: 07-11-18 at 04:30 pm »

I have a cube-shaped puzzle that I plan to wholesale to gift shops that will have various themed designs. For example, a Los Angeles themed cube would have six pictures on each of the six surfaces of the cube showing street scenes, downtown buildings, the Hollywood sign, etc . My question is, if I put a picture of the Disney Castle on the cube, would I be infringing on the Disney's copyright? What if I want to put a picture of Micky Mouse taken at a Disney parade?  :o :P

Robert K S

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Re: Am I infringing on Disney?
« Reply #1 on: 07-11-18 at 06:03 pm »

Even supposing you used your own photograph which did not include any copyrighted material, Disney might assert trademark rights in their castle and Mickey images.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame photograph case may be instructive.  In any event, if you are concerned about your rights and options, don't rely on "advice" from the Internet before spending money to produce and market a product.  Consult an experienced IP attorney.
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