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Author Topic: What should I present to a patent attorney/agent?  (Read 995 times)


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Re: What should I present to a patent attorney/agent?
« Reply #15 on: 05-23-18 at 04:27 pm »

Robert K S has a point: be clear in your own mind what your invention is before having your patent practioner start the drafting. Then your patent practioner should be able to do it in 10-30 hrs, exceptions aside.

This ties in to what I wrote earlier: trust your patent practioner. Usually he/she will make a good draft... but obviously only for the invention as you explained it.

If you need to get it clear in your own mind what your invention is by discussing with your PP, you are running up a bill. And even in that case, be open with your PP, explain you business strategy and discuss the options. That may take half a day or a day, but having your PP completely redraft the application because you suddenly saw the light when the first draft is finished will cost an awful lot more.

With my clients I always make a point of making it clear to them that a patent application is merely an instrument in a business plan. YOU need to have a good idea of the purpose of the patent application, and explain it to the PP, otherwise he/she can't help you, or only suboptimally.
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