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Author Topic: News reporting Fair use  (Read 435 times)


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News reporting Fair use
« on: 03-17-18 at 05:39 am »

When we report about an event, can it be considered as “fair use” if we quote some materials about the same event from other news agencies? For example, when reporting the news about ”37th session of the Human Rights Council”, can I quote clips from other news agencies about the Human Rights Council and the building where the council is held?

In my opinion, when reporting a news, it is not allowed to quote the relevant news reporting of this reported event from other agencies freely. If it is not necessary, even if the quantity is small, it’s will be still difficult to be considered as “Fair Use”. I am not sure whether this understanding is correct.


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Re: News reporting Fair use
« Reply #1 on: 03-17-18 at 08:35 am »

Depends on what country you are located in.  News outlets in the U.S. do so all the time, usually with little more than attribution to be polite to the original report.  You might have noticed the sheer number of times in the last year or so that "fake news" outlets like CNN and the Washington Post grabbed a story off some prankster's blog and shouted it across the airwaves as genuine.  The most recent seems to be the New York Times report that the recently nominated CIA director oversaw a torture site in Thailand -- since retracted by its original "source", and stealthily deleted by the NYT without a formal "we fucked up again!" announcement.

Anyway, here's some discussion of copyright of news articles:
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