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Author Topic: Attorney Used Trademarked Term in my Application, Denied  (Read 167 times)


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Hello, attorney used the term "onesie" in my application and that was the sole reason for denial. She now has to submit a response, but she is charging me $500 to do so, but I believe this charge should not fall on me.

Though I used the term "onesie" in our discussion of items, I am not an attorney and did not know it was a trademark term and through my understanding (her explanation), she is required to look up the Trademark Office's exact naming of particular items.

It is my belief that I hired a trademark attorney to pay money to, to make sure this was done correctly. Being that I am not an expert and she is a long-standing trademark attorney in her seventies, she would have known better... especially since she mentioned how particular they are, and how they require strict detail and specific wording when it comes to clothing, that will  make or break an application. I believe the burden shouldn't fall on me to pay her fees. Am I being rational?

She is acting as if I am trying to get work for free, but I myself I am a contractor and I believe in payng for a person's work... And accidents happen, but I am an entrepreneur and do not have the extra money to pay for someone else's error.  :-\

Please let me know if the error is mine.

Thank you.


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