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Author Topic: worried about adidas trademark violation  (Read 405 times)


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worried about adidas trademark violation
« on: 02-01-18 at 05:40 am »

Hello everybody reading,

I am a footwear producer operating in south china, and have lately received an order with what i suspect is a violation of Adidas's trademark. I thought i would raise it here - and see if i could get some words of wisdom - as to how i should proceed with this case...

the design in my clients order is a shoe similar to the "samba" model in style - and has three strips going horizontally BUT in an angle, similar to a Sargent rank logo .

any help would be appreciated.



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Re: worried about adidas trademark violation
« Reply #1 on: 02-01-18 at 12:30 pm »

Hi.  I assume you're always free to refuse such an order.  But if you want to keep the business of this client, I'd say you should get in touch with a local attorney who can advise you.  The problem is these sorts of questions are always going to be very specific on the exact facts of your situation (which you don't want to put out here on a publicly open website in any event). 

If the requested design is indeed problematic, the attorney may be able to work with you and the client to make some modifications that will make their requested design less likely to be viewed as infringing.

And note that even if you end up with a design you and the client are both comfortable with, this does not mean the company won't still send some kind of nasty legal letter to you or the client.  Some companies are (just my opinion) more aggressive than is reasonable in policing their marks.
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