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Author Topic: The worldwide biggest patent infringement, the end users might also be involved  (Read 532 times)


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To whom it may concern
Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing in reference to this might be the worldwide biggest patent infringement, and the end users might also be involved.

Warning to Android Inc and relevant anti-virus companies:

My own patents (according to appendix 1) have been infringed for many years. According to the essence of patent law, whoever without authority makes, uses and sells is illegal, and you'd better get my patent license.

In order to earn advertising revenues, Android Inc is suspected to offer a platform for a lot of anti-virus companies to let the consumers download Program lock/Function lock/Apps lock for free. I insist that you'd better to contact me and get my patent license by negotiation. If there's a lawsuit in the future, the compensation might be tremendous! I mention first and wait to see if it will come true in the future. [/color]

If there have any lawyers or patent companies who are interested in the lawsuit of patent compensation, please contact me.

【appendix 1】
Claim1.A computer data protecting method for protecting a computer system, said method comprising:
Designing a monitor program with a common password for an operation system, wherein said monitor program monitors a plurality of program modules of said operating system; after said operating system is installed, said monitor program allows a user to assign a user password; asking said user to enter said user passwords, When any modification/addition/deletion action is performed onto said program modules of said operating system; and if said user passwords is missing, said monitor program forbids any modification/addition/deletion action to be performed onto said program modules.

【Appendix 3】35 U.S.C.§286. Time limitation on damages:
 According to the 35 U.S.C. § 286: " Except as otherwise provided by law, no recovery shall be had for any infringement committed more than six years prior to the filing of the complaint or counterclaim for infringement in the action." This is different from statutes of limitations of a claim right. The description of 35 U.S.C. § 286 is " the period before bringing suit, up to six years, a claim right for damages is not filed”, and not “when the infringement has occurred , after six years the claim right is eliminated ".The claim right of patent infringement will not be eliminated; no matter when to claims the infringement committed, the patentee can still claim damages six years back. For example, the patent infringement has been lasted for 10 years, and the patentee files a complaint in the action. The patentee could claim the damages from the 5th to 10th years, and the 1st to 4th years shall not be requested. Thus, 35 U.S.C.§286 should not be called as the statutes of limitations , and it should be called as the time limitation .(limitation of six years on damage)


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Ex Officio

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Please don't create multiple accounts and repost the same thing multiple times.  The other similar thread that was posted has more information.  I am locking this one;  discussion should be carried on in the other topic.


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