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Author Topic: Petition for cancelation?? Help??  (Read 668 times)


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Petition for cancelation?? Help??
« on: 06-14-17 at 09:21 pm »

long story short I started my company back in 2011 and first use in commerce in 2012 (and i have proof).  Someone tried to steal my company in my geographical area and said it was their own idea they secretly registered the trademark last year and was just granted permission to use.  I was unregistered and now have filed my application with first use of dates in commerce. 

I clearly have prior use, and as soon as their registration number comes back, I will be filing for a petition for cancelation.   They went as far as to use my same logo, barely modified.  The person who did it has even been following my social media pages. I have a clear link to them

both parties are lawyered up.  I have a sufficient amount of evidence showing connections between my company and their "inspirations"  they even stole my logo. 

How long does it take or is it easy for the TTAB to revoke a trademark?



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Re: Petition for cancelation?? Help??
« Reply #1 on: 06-15-17 at 06:47 am »

If you have solid proof of prior use and other party is infringing you trademark then go for rectification of registered trademark. It usually take around an year here is Pakistan to remove the registration of conflicting trademark. Consult with your IP lawyer he will tell you what to do.


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