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Author Topic: What do they mean by: Identification of drawings. Identifying indicia should...  (Read 965 times)


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What do they mean by: Identification of drawings. Identifying indicia should be provided, and if provided, should include the title of the invention, inventor’s name, and application number, or docket number (if any) if an application number has not been assigned to the application. If this information is provided, it must be placed on the front of each sheet within the top margin.

Is this to mean that each sheet that an image is sent must have this information at the top?  In looking at other drawings or images, i am not seeing it.


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Yes.  When you file a patent application, any drawing page should have this information up in the header (within the top 1.25 inches of the page).

This was for identification purposes when people paper-filed and the drawings papers themselves were sent off to be imaged (separately from the text papers, which IIRC were not then imaged).

You don't see them in published apps or granted patents because that top 1.25 inch border is not included in the image taken from the page.
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