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Author Topic: can I write 3rd party software for TCI without infringing on copyright?  (Read 839 times)


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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention is a system used to teach mental health techs how to de-escalate children in residential treatment facilities. Their system is based on other people's research. I want to write software teaching people how to de-escalate children by giving them scenarios and having the people go through steps to help de-escalate these children. My software would be based on the concepts of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention but will not rewrite their workbooks. Can I do this. Basically, are de-escalation techniques copyrighted. Will I infringe on their intellectual property? There is a desperate need for his software and think it will make a big difference for countless children.

thank you,

Robert T Nicholson

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Copyright protects creative expression, but not knowledge, facts. or processes.

For example, if someone publishes a recipe, you can republish the ingredients and steps to cook the dish, provided you don't use the original author's wording.

What you are describing sounds like it would not be a copyright violation.  However, many companies tend to think their copyrights are broader than they actually are.  TCI might well sue you, and you would be faced with the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend you/

Before investing a great deal of effort to develop the software, get a consultation with an intellectual property attorney for an assessment of your specific situation.

Another option might be to contact TCI and see if they would be willing to have you develop the software as an authorized, licensed product, or even develop the software for them.

This post is provided for information purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.

Robert Nicholson Consulting | Copyright Safeguard | ED Treatment Center


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