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Author Topic: Next Step Help please?  (Read 849 times)


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Next Step Help please?
« on: 02-16-17 at 09:47 am »

I have 2 inventions of a mechanical nature and am now at the prototype stage.
I am certain there is no products like mine available on the market at present but that’s not to say there is no filed applications in the process so I understand some formal searches will need to be conducted asap before approaching investors ect.

I am confident i have described the core elements of my inventions and the functioning mechanisms and what they perform in relation to ‘my provisional claims’ in sufficient detail, although I do not wish to establish the final claims in my application.
I have essentially described everything I can in regards to the stage I’m at, further descriptions can only be based upon the next stage but after I have some form of protection i.e ‘patent pending’

My process in thought is essentially file all 1st  or provisional patent applications both in the us and uk myself, then launch a small marketing campaign to hopefully gather some interest, then to collaborate with those necessary to grow the product in far as aesthetic design and also confirm the specification of such mechanical parts such as battery voltage, motor rpm and torque ect.Then within the required time frames and upon final development to file the final patent applications using a patent attorney to file with claims, which obviously could have varied throughout the finishing development stages.

I would be most grateful on any feedback/advice/tips on my thought process and also any pointers of things to be aware of filing a us provisional application online from the uk.

Many Thanks


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