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Author Topic: Trademarking a word before 'Group'  (Read 747 times)


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Trademarking a word before 'Group'
« on: 01-20-17 at 11:18 am »

Hello everyone,

I'm a new poster here and had a quick question about trademarking a name, and the used by date. For this example I will pretend my company is called GreenZo Group Inc.

I've been going by GreenZo Group for some time now, and now I need to split my services up. Sometimes I'm referred to just GreenZo, but my cards always say GreenZo Group. As I'm setting up sub companies like GreenZo Foods, GreenZo Mobile, ect... I'm looking at trademarking just GreenZo for now. When a customer goes to GreenZo Mobile, it will show this on the site, but I will be referring to our services as "GreenZo provides customers with..." as of today. Prior to this I always said "GreenZo Group".

When I file my trademark application, can I still claim I used "GreenZo" from 3 years ago, when I only used "GreenZo Group", or must I claim the use of "GreenZo" as of today?

I believe "GreenZo" and "GreenZo Group" are two different marks, even though they can be considered similar depending on class, but I want to make sure.

Thank you.

*Note, my company is not GreenZo and this is just an example for the above question.


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