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Author Topic: Another site claiming to be me? What can I do.  (Read 1598 times)


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Another site claiming to be me? What can I do.
« on: 12-24-16 at 01:34 pm »

Hi everyone. I hope some of you can give me a good answer to the following.

A local competitor created another site and has used my LLC corps name DashRabbit

First of all I did try and contact the competitor that created the website and naming it as my company. They sent me text messages there after telling me that if I contacted them again that they would take legal action against me, etc. Blah

I am the Owner of DashRabbit LLC a taxi and limosine company in cities all over the state of GA. The name of my Brand is DashRabbit and it is an LLC corporation at

As a website owner I also pay close attention to searches found on google, etc. Today I found a site that is forwarding the phone number listed on that website to a competitor of ours in Conyers, Ga.

They have created this website and are calling it Dash Rabbit but using a different phone number than ours, etc.

They mention our name as if it is us on the one page website on 4 different occasions including the main heading. Using this to gain customers based on people searching for us, etc. The forwarding number does take you to another taxi company in Conyers. Of course this web site is low on google at this point in search but this should still not be allowed.

You can see what they have done at for better clarity
What are my options here and what can I do? Also what if anything can I do to prevent this company from doing this ever again to me?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Robert T Nicholson

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Re: Another site claiming to be me? What can I do.
« Reply #1 on: 12-24-16 at 02:12 pm »

A couple of options here:

(1)  By using the name DashRabbit in commerce, you have established trademark rights.  You can therefore sue the other company for trademark infringement.  Doing this will require you to first register the trademark.  But you might not need to go that far.  The first step would be to have an attorney send them a letter asserting your trademark rights and demanding that they cease using the name.  That's often enough to scare people off.

Get a referral from your local bar association for an intellectual property attorney, and schedule a consultation.  This page will get you started:

(2)  You could also try filing a DMCA takedown request with the website's hosting company.  The DMCA process is intended to resolve copyright claims, not trademark, but sometimes the hosting company will still honor the request. 

The website is hosted on, which is a GoDaddy company.  You can send your DCMA takedown request to:

Here is more information and instructions for the DMCA process:

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