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Author Topic: Changing an existing products design patentable?  (Read 1466 times)


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Changing an existing products design patentable?
« on: 11-29-16 at 11:26 pm »

I have an extreme design change to a pair of pants. I've looked for it in a patent search but can't find it. The design change causes the pants to look look drastically different than normal dress pants when worn. Think angles all over the place, not smooth flowing curves.

It's done through a different stitching method, and how the stitching is laid in the garment. The stitching isn't new to apparel, I've seen it in other things. So I was going to do a design patent because of the way the finished garment looks, even though its a change to the pant construction. It would be almost impossible for anyone to duplicate the look by doing it a different way.
I'm not sure if it is worth it because they are still just a pair of pants.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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