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Author Topic: Statutory Limits on Number of Copyright Purchases and Copyright Extensions  (Read 1135 times)


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1.) When a copyrighted work is purchased and the ownership of that work is transferred to a new owner are the statutory limits on copyright extensions renewed completely relative to the length of copyright and number of possible extensions when a copyright is first registered or does this copyright end once the copyright term(s) of the original owner terminates?

In other words if someone copyrights a work in 1979 and someone buys that copyright before the 75 year copyright term limit is over - say in 2030 does the copyright length on this copyrighted work then extend for another 75 years?

2.) Unless we live forever, how can we be sure that copyrights on presently owned works will not be extended until the end of time?

3.) Klingonese is a relatively new copyright loglan "made up language." (a.) if the English language is not copyrightable why is Klingonese? (b.) Will Klingonese or loglans of the like (eg. JRR Tolkien Elvish) ever enter into the public domain?

4. Are trademarked character expressions permanent? 

5.  Hypothetical: I have a copyrighted work called Star Trek.  There's a character in it called Captain Kirk.  At what point does Captain Kirk become a trademarked character expression?



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1) No.

2) We can't, as long as Congress is in session.

"The life of a patent solicitor has always been a hard one."  Judge Giles Rich, Application of Ruschig, 379 F.2d 990.

Disclaimer: not only am I not a lawyer, I'm not your lawyer.  Therefore, this does not constitute legal advice.


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You are talking about a counternotice.  eBay wont forward it if they claimed trademark rather then copyright.

Other then that ebay doesnt care and wont help you.


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