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 on: 06-09-18 at 01:24 am 
Started by Weng Tianxiang - Last post by snapshot
Transfers can take time and effort sometimes.  I've seen cases with more TIs than yours. Don't worry about it.

 on: 06-08-18 at 10:23 pm 
Started by Weng Tianxiang - Last post by Weng Tianxiang

I have a non-provisional patent application pending on USPTO filed on 01/03/2018.

Here is the part of my application history:
06-06-2018  Transfer Inquiry to GAU
06-05-2018  Transfer Inquiry to GAU
05-21-2018  Transfer Inquiry to GAU
05-17-2018  Transfer Inquiry to GAU
05-07-2018  Transfer Inquiry to GAU

Here is the definition from USPTO:
Transfer inquiries can be initiated when a case has been docketed to an incorrect art unit or when an undocketed new case is assigned an incorrect classification.

I think nobody of this website users has experienced so many times of Transfer Inquiry to GAU for an application.

It has taken one month and 5 art unit inquiries and it still has not resolved which art unit should check my application.

This application is logically an improved version of my first 3 patents and factually a new invention which fills a gap left by the previous 3 patents.

What pity my application is!

Any insight?

 on: 06-08-18 at 07:43 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by ConfusedIP
Definitely will cause issues with any software tools/services that internally distinguish US patent from US application #s based on whether it's 7 or 8 digits long.

 on: 06-08-18 at 04:28 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by Weng Tianxiang
In computer memory nowadays all digits are recorded using binary system except earlier version IBM made computers.

2**20 = 1,048,576
2**21 = 2,097,152
2**22 = 4,194,304
2**23 = 8,388,608          <-- 8 million
2**24 = 16,777,216        <-- 16 million
2**25 = 33,554,432

So this time there will absolutely be no hiccups at all.

For switching to January 1, 2000, it is because the PC DOS uses 2*4 bits to represent 09-09, so all programs accessing this memory would have hiccups if not properly modified.

In 2000, memory was very precious. Nowadays either 32-bits or a 64-bits are used to represent a data in database. There will be no any such hiccups happening at all for our life spans.

For human, who receives a patent with patent number 10,000,000 is a life gift!!!

 on: 06-08-18 at 03:50 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by Robert K S
At beginning of prosecution, examiner issued a restriction requirement restricting between three "species" recited in a dependent claim, i.e., between X, Y, and Z embodiments when a dependent claim read "wherein the W is an X, a Y, or a Z".  Restriction requirement noted that all claims were generic.  One of the "species" was elected without traverse, without amendment, and without withdrawal of any claim, and all claims were subsequently allowed with no further mention of the restriction requirement (i.e., no indication in the record of "rejoinder").

Does the dependent claim in the issued patent still broadly cover X, Y, and Z or does it only cover the more narrowly elected one of those three?

 on: 06-08-18 at 02:03 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by Robert K S
Get ready for the onslaught of the USPTO press campaign with the chorus of "I could have thought of that!" invalidity tweets following close behind.

 on: 06-08-18 at 01:58 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by jv1
my issue date is the 26th, and 10MM is about the midpoint, so that makes sense.

 on: 06-08-18 at 01:29 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by lazyexaminer
It appears this week we were up to 9,992,920. It's usually around 6000 utility patents/week, so I guess it'll probably happen on June 19th unless next week's batch is larger than it's been lately.

 on: 06-08-18 at 12:43 pm 
Started by Robert K S - Last post by jv1
The USPTO is well into the 9,800,000s which makes me think we're not too far away from 10,000,000 on the odometer.  Anybody know approximately what day it will hit?  Are USPTO IT and publication systems ready for the extra digit?

I paid an Issue Fee on May 6th and just received the Issue Notice. The assigned patent number for the Grant is >10,000,000 and <10,010,000.

 on: 06-06-18 at 11:11 pm 
Started by JTripodo - Last post by ConfusedIP
I've done both (i) living in NOVA->commuting to DC for a job and (ii) living in DC (Adams Morgan)->commuting to the old PTO Office in Crystal City.  I enjoyed the 2nd option much better.  I'm mostly an introvert (probably like many Examiners, given the job requirements), so getting out to the 'happening' part of town took some effort from suburbs and sometime it just didn't happen at all.  I found it much easier to socialize when I lived directly in the center of the city.

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