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 on: Yesterday at 07:25 pm 
Started by babyrabbit - Last post by mbison
My firm values diverse backgrounds in hiring as long as your diversity is in areas that we can actually use.  For the OP, there seems to be an underlying assumption that EE majors can handle software work about as well as CS majors (debatable whether it is an accurate assumption, but that seems to be the assumption).  We hire tons of EE majors to do primarily software applications.  If your PhD is in electrical engineering, I wouldn't think you would need to do anything to convince people you can handle software work.  If your PhD is in Physics, it might be a bit tougher. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:19 pm 
Started by JTripodo - Last post by abc123
Has anyone heard of a possible replacement for the PTO Commissioner?

Barnum and Bailey's is going out of business. Might be a source of potential management talent.

 on: Yesterday at 05:04 pm 
Started by hokieExpress - Last post by smgsmc
I've seen people have success emphasizing work or research experience in more relevant areas when their degree name is not one of the ones typically considered for patent law hiring.

Yes, it's possible, but difficult without a special "in" to a hiring partner.  The problem, especially with larger firms, is that HR usually filters resumes for specific degrees.  So you've got to bypass the HR filter to personally plead your case.   

 on: Yesterday at 04:58 pm 
Started by babyrabbit - Last post by smgsmc
I'm worried about this at the moment,  as my phd is in organic chemistry while my work experience after was analytical chemistry.

I'm just worried it makes me look like I never stuck with one thing or I couldn't cut it in organic so I went to analytical.

you would think firms want someone with a broad knowledge base....but from what I'm gathering they would rather have a master of 1 trade rather than a jack of multiple trades

Not quite so cut and dried.  Here's a concurrent thread from someone who's bemoaning his choice of a specialized degree in aerospace engineering, rather than a broader degree in mechanical engineering:,29396.0.html

To get your foot in the door, it's easier if you have a degree in demand.  Once you have your foot in the door, a broad background is advantageous because it allows you to handle a wider range of cases.

 on: Yesterday at 04:33 pm 
Started by lawl1231 - Last post by lawl1231
thanks for your reply.
Basically solved this situation. More info here: same thread different forum
ah the 'can't post links yet thing". Well, you'd have to search "Plagiarism vs. Copyright Violations" thread on Expertlaw forum.

 on: Yesterday at 12:01 pm 
Started by lawl1231 - Last post by Tobmapsatonmi
I just made my account. I tried to post a thread with links. It loaded a long time, almost a few minutes, and eventually told me I can't post links yet. I did a search for 'links' in 'titles only' and the search function yields a blank screen. thanks.

I think after 20 comments you can start including links (spambot protection).  Meanwhile, you could always post the relevant information contained in a link like



For searches, the feature ist kaput.  Instead, plug this into browser as URL yada yada

(where "yada yada" are keywords of interest)

 on: Yesterday at 10:38 am 
Started by majed - Last post by tuka
Dear friend
I did not find an affordable patent attorney so I wanted to finish the provisional then I deliver it to him/her. I have only 3000 USD. Also, it will protect me in case the attorney is not trustable.
Have nice days with my best wishes

 on: Yesterday at 09:56 am 
Started by sunwoosj - Last post by fewyearsin
This is off topic, but I have been watching examiner position openings for about a year and have not seen one show up for chemistry (my field).  Is it a crap shoot to get an examiner positions or even get to apply to one?

I do see tons of positions all the time for patent agents with 2+ years experience, but I have neither a USPTO registration (been studying forever so soon hopefully), nor experience in patent law so I have not had any luck getting anything, despite having a PhD from a top 5ish school.  I was laid off about 8 months ago from the job I had out of grad school (which wasn't that impressive but in the field) and I feel like I'm becoming stagnant and undesirable with this huge gap of unemployment
Anecdotally, the chemistry group doesn't have much turnover, and as Rolf mentioned, it is a smaller group than, say, EE, so openings are fewer and farther between.

 on: Yesterday at 08:53 am 
Started by lawl1231 - Last post by MYK
If Emily did a video first, then she couldn't be "plagiarizing" Erin with it.  You've already stated that both are just using "common knowledge".  Erin could be "plagiarizing" Emily's first video, or Emily could be "plagiarizing" Erin's video with Emily's second video.  But "plagiarism" is more of an academic or journalistic issue than a legal one.

In legal terms, the question is whether one party committed copyright infringement against the other.  Unless specific text was copied (or chord sequences, or portions of images, or ...), it generally isn't infringement to discuss similar facts.  It starts to get very murky when looking beyond that to decide whether one creative work borrowed so substantially from another that it actually was infringing.

This is why, unfortunately, places like Google News have become overrun with really crappy "news aggregator" sites that wait for popular science articles to get published (e.g., practically anything on the recent EM drive studies) and then rush out barely-literate summaries of them.

There are several other recent threads that have relevant discussions of similar issues, such as this one:,29468.0.html

If you want a detailed analysis of whether one video infringes another, you'll need to hire an attorney to give you legal advice upon which you can rely.

 on: Yesterday at 08:18 am 
Started by fb - Last post by JV
The situation is (a).

I did not think about claiming priority to #1. After all, it's been over a year. But I must have been thinking about other inventors, in which case this would have mattered.

Your situation is, to my mind, about the only time that a CIP makes sense.  I'm in-house, and I will regularly circle back to the inventors when we start to get close to the 18 month mark after filing to see if there have been any new developments to the invention that should be captured in a CIP.

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