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Thanks for your input.

What if the firm and practice group you end up lateraling to is of significantly higher prestige/ranking? Does it still look like a bad move on your resume to move that early?


I need some unbiased advise. I've been at my first law firm job for slightly less than a year. I've been having some issues with the associates I work under. In short, I'm pretty sure they don't want me there and personally just haven't liked me since day 1, but won't go into further details right now. I do like my partner a lot and they have told others at the firm that they were very happy with me, but the more I work directly for the associates I can see the initially all positive viewpoint of the partner being tarnished.

I have this recruiter I worked with for over a year to get my current job. They are pretty experienced and connected so I tend to take career advice from them outside of actual legal practice. They are counseling me to lateral because you can't fix it when people don't like you and saying that even if you do good work or please the partners, the environment is going to lead to my ultimate failure there. I'm worried they just want another payout for getting me rehired and that since I like everything else about the firm other than these few rough relationships maybe it could work. What do you think? should I listen to the recruiter?

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