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Trademark Forum / Trademark use
« on: 04-10-12 at 10:12 am »
I don't think I've committed any foul here, just cast your eyes over this pdf's cover page, of my own creation, using amazon and kindle, but not in their font, not in their colors, or with their style. just me being paranoid. Does anything strike you as trademark infringement, or other technicalities i might want to take into consideration, before i b**** slap a 100billion dollar company? If so what, and how might i change this to squeak by?

Here is a link to the pdf, it is being posted here on by me the author, Robert Skyler:

Copyright Forum / Fair use failures?
« on: 04-10-12 at 10:12 am »
I won't be so naive to ask if this is defendable as fair use, rather, does anything about the attached pdf strike you as distinctly not fair use?

 This is a complete set of emails between myself and amazon, that need a wider audience, it will be distributed in both free and paid venues in exactly this format. Does anything strike you, about my use of their presumably copyrighted emails, as being inconsistent with fair use? If so what, and how could i fix my end that i may display their emails in-full, otherwise how much can i display?

And please everyone qualified to reply chime-in, is this fair use YAY or NAY?

Here is a link to the pdf, it is being posted here on by me the author, Robert Skyler:

Copyright Forum / Re: Copyright vs. Photosuite
« on: 03-08-10 at 07:20 am »
ty derivative works. Still in some form belongs to the the owner of the original copyright owner and can not be claimed in whole to be definitely my own. that answers my questions thanks for your time. =))

Copyright Forum / Copyright vs. Photosuite
« on: 02-18-10 at 06:22 am »
Say i download your basic photo online, itís copyrighted by its owner, it contains no trademarks, identifiable people or other protected imagery. Just a plain copyrighted photo. I put the image in my photo program, rotate it 5 degrees to the left. Still looks to anyone with eyes to be the exact same photo. Yet to any computer hash check, a bit by bit mapping of the image, not one pixel would match the original.
This 5 degree rotation has forever changed the photo.
This is a new photo...?
Who owns the copyright to this rotated photo?

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