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Hi all,

This is a great forum and I love reading the posts. I hope to be a contributor in due course.

I'm looking for advice on the fundamental skills that I should acquire in the next few years. Here's my background and thought process, in a nutshell.

2010 grad in bioengineering from an ivy league, worked in an unrelated sector (renewable energy/biz dev/product dev). I have been doing remote or part time work for the past 4 years, and so far it's been quite good for cash, experience, and my personality. My IP experience started in 2012, and I spent 2 years building an all-things-energy patent portfolio for a client. I now also have 1.5+ years of IP strategy experience for a startup. I would label these jobs as IP 'ancillary' services. They are useful for strategy and are good, payable skills in their own right, however, they don't teach me how to file and are probably of limited importance in terms of being hired by a company.

I'm at the point this year where I have some financial breathing room, and I decided that I want to go deeper on the tech side as well as learn how to file patents. IP has always been pure fun, and I want to do more. I feel confident that I can do a good IP landscape analysis as well as other "analyst" tasks. I helped review a few patent drafts as well.

I just passed the patent registration exam (yesterday!). I have no experience in prosecution. I think the next monumental step is to learn how to draft a good patent, and my current thinking is to dedicate the next 2-4 years to working in a job that allows me to do so.

So here are my big questions:
What would the "ideal" next job for me be (company/role)?
What skills should I absolutely pick up?
How long should I expect to be learning these skills for?
Is it possible/low-downside to do these jobs remotely or part time?
Should I pick up a masters in something more technical?

Current Job Apps
Right now, I am interviewing for in-house IP 'strategist' positions. The role is to help out on the biz strategy side as it relates to IP filing, take information disclosure forms from scientists, and presumably draft patents to hand off to outside council for filing. Is that the best first job after passing my registration exam? Is it better to find a law firm that will take me in and train me to draft 40+ applications in 2 years?

I plan on making a law firm and an in-house IP resume version, and mailing them out to both types of companies soon. I'm not tying myself down to any geography, nor do I mind if I work remotely, physically, or half-time. I've done all before and I love the flexibility for my lifestyle, however, I'm aware that it's rare to find such freedom. I'm hoping to find the best training possible, and I'm willing to put in the effort. What I don't know is what specific skills I should be chasing after.

Pipe Dream Ambitions
Lastly, and very much a dream -- is it reasonable to assume that after 3-5 years of doing this kind of work, I could potentially branch off and do this kind of work remotely and earn a decent living?

Advice and personal experience stories will be greatly appreciated.

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