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Thx for all your collective advice.  It befuddles me as to how the PTO can't simplify this uploading process, or at the very least, make their GUI more human-factor appropriate.  The PTO needs to be block-chained / A.I.'d outsourced.

I find the uploading of prior art docs onto EFS for the IDS to be EXTREMELY time consuming.  The pdf's that I get from my clients always need to be re-pdf'd so that they conform to USPTO requirements (embedded fonts etc).  When i get 20+ references to re-pdf, it becomes  a major hassle.

Any advice?

I have a question, not sure if it fits in here... I tried calling USPTO today, Friday DEC 29 at 3 pm EST... the recording said it's an Official Holiday.  WTF!!???

Aside from this obvious question... My question to you, my fellow practitioners is:  I have a foreign patent app (not PCT) which was filed on DEC 28, 2016 in China.  It is now DEC 29, 2017.  Is there any way I can still claim the priority ?

I have existing jpegs, but no shading or contour lines yet.

Can anyone recommend a cheap / easy software to help me prepare shadings and contour lines?

Copyright Forum / Mask Works - Semiconductor IC layout
« on: 12-13-17 at 06:43 pm »
After the 10 year term, can I renew a Mask Work? For what term?  How much is the renew fee?

Thx again for all these great pieces of advice.  This blog is the absolute best.  I cannot thank u all enough.  Yes, I'm a mbr of NY and NJ bars.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm not sure what the current state of the law is with 103, but if my application is being examined under AIA's 103, Please answer me this:  The Examiner did not give ANY rationale in his 103 rejections of my claims.  He just said " would have been obvious to combine..."

Should I simply respond by saying the Office failed to provide a rationale?  Or do I need to say more?

Thanks everyone for your insights!

Wysebridge is much better

I passed the patent bar awhile ago.  Btw, I never studied patent law in school.  These patents and OA's are sooo incomprehensible.  PLEASE, I need one or two good handbooks on PATENT PROSECUTION.  ANY advice will be appreciated.

Can I insert a graphic (drawing) into a claim (in order to claim an element)?  Or must I use words alone?

In my utility app, if I want to claim the shape of an element, would it be OK to insert a graphic in the claim, or must I describe it with words alone?

Patent Agent/Lawyer Careers / Re: The next big thing
« on: 10-24-14 at 01:59 pm »
To dazed-n-Confused:  Yes, sir Mr. Robinson,,, btw, it was just a handshake, sir.

Patent Agent/Lawyer Careers / Re: The next big thing
« on: 10-24-14 at 11:06 am »
Yeah, i know, I'm just trying to keep the dialogue abbreviated.  I don't mean any offense.  Hey, I admire their success.

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