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Author Topic: Musical body of work  (Read 572 times)


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Musical body of work
« on: 07-03-17 at 07:05 pm »

I have written songs and copyrighted them before, but I have a large body of work coming after this: It is MP3 files (made from tapes) of musical work on songs, most of it "in progress" obviously, many short songs that are a few words in length, instrumental guitar ideas, and hummed passages too.  Each tape is 45 to 100 minutes long. I have a spreadsheet of this which runs to 6600 line entries so far.

What if I want to copyright all versions of my songs including in progress? If I see every version as legitimate, in other words an ongoing process. Is it possible?

What if I see the minisongs as needing protection?

What if I begin to see this whole body of work as something to protect? How would I go about it in the best way? 

What if I want to share on a web site some of this material, either as songs; or just one file as "Tape from __/__/__" Is this tape copyrightable? Was the whole body of work? How many applications would you need?

What is the conventional wisdom on the chronological steps to: sharing, publishing and protecting this much material?

is the only paradigm to finish each song, and sheaf them up and send them out in batches one batch at a time?

Robert K S

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Re: Musical body of work
« Reply #1 on: 07-05-17 at 01:30 pm »

Generally speaking, not only are demo tapes copyrightable, they are copyrighted the moment they are created, because copyright happens the moment that a work of authorship is fixed in a tangible medium.  However, copyright and registration of said copyright are two different things, and the latter can afford enhanced rights.  You might want to read these two FAQs provided by the Copyright Office:

Merely listing a musical work in a spreadsheet does not copyright the musical work.
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