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Author Topic: IDEA PROTECTION  (Read 1436 times)


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« on: 09-24-11 at 12:00 am »

I'm in a similar situation to most people who have a "great" idea but due to ignorance feel as if I can never get any further that just that.  I'm hoping to get some simple advice that might help me at least protect this idea if I were to move forward with it.  My situation is probably a complicated one as the idea involves a phone application (of which I have zero clues how to develop) and a devise that is controlled by the phone application, either wirelessly/3/4G or even via hard wire.  Yes, the controlled devise would only be within 10 feet away or so.  Okay, having a great idea is easy, everyone has one.  My question is this:  If someone such as myself has an idea involving phone applications and the devise it works with  and I haven't a clue on how to develop either product how do I go about protecting the "idea" while I look for developers, investors, etc. who may be interested in helping?  I know what the end result can bring about if it were working and I know the technology is out there to support the products.   I just don't have the ability myself to make it happen.  During this time of development I would like to know that my idea is "safe".  Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help.

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« Reply #1 on: 09-24-11 at 01:20 pm »

rktkk:     Sorry for the bad news, but patents protect inventions, not naked ideas.  You mentioned that you don't know how to pull it off.  In patentspeak, you can't "enable" it. To be ruthlessly blunt; patents reward those who put their nose to the grindstone and "see it through".  Such people are called inventors. Those who observe a need and get an really good idea on how it might be met are not.  Your only "safety" so to speak would be via a confidentiallity agreement.  Anyone who helped reduce your conception (idea) to practice could be (almost certainly would be) a coinventor of the ultimate invention.  Find a good person/organization to work with and split the reward.  Good luck!


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