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Author Topic: New here... am I going to be ok?  (Read 2924 times)


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New here... am I going to be ok?
« on: 01-24-11 at 03:08 pm »

Hello all, lurker here, finally took the leap and registered...

Got my BS in CE/CS (weird CE/CS hybrid) from a Top-25 undergrad.  But I did poorly, barely made it out alive...
Spent two years in industry working as a QA Engineer at a dotcom...

Now currently a 1L at a T20 law school, first semester grades came back and put me at just about median in the class... Registering to take the Pat Bar this summer, and planning to work in Patent when I get out...

Where do I stand?  Am I in really bad shape for the 2L job hunt?


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Re: New here... am I going to be ok?
« Reply #1 on: 01-26-11 at 12:04 pm »

Don't worry so much about your law school grades. Engineers and scientists typically have a tough time in their first year. IP firms get that (especially if you'll be interviewing at the Loyola Chicago Patent Law Interview Program). Just be prepared to show an improvement in your grades, if at all possible. They want to see that you can adjust to "think like a lawyer".

Your undergrad grads and coursework will likely be more of an issue. Hopefully you can show that you were in a tough program and took tough courses, such that a poor GPA isn't necessarily an indication that you don't do well with technology.

Be sure to use your connections as a networking tool. Go back to the dotcom and see if they can recommend some patent attorneys you could reach out to for career advice (and connections).

Hope that helps,
Mark Dighton, Esq.
Admin. Director, PLI's Patent Bar Review


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