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Author Topic: question about mpl, gpl, lgpl  (Read 1470 times)


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question about mpl, gpl, lgpl
« on: 05-05-10 at 10:04 pm »

I'm currently working on something that I thought of and I found an open source project that is similar.  It has a tri license attached to it and I am completely confused as to how that affects my use of the software. The licenses are Mozilla Public License 1.1, Gnu Public License, the lesser Gnu Public License.  I've tried to read through the license's but I'm not sure I understand all the of it.

What I want to do is take some of code and modify it; and then use it on my site.  Whenever I look at other people's questions regarding this it's usually in terms of distributing the software. I just want to use it on a public website. 

Can I modify the code without any legal ramifications if I don't distribute it to anyone else? Can I simply just use the code without changing it?



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