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Author Topic: Lambert & Lambert Criteria?  (Read 2435 times)


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Lambert & Lambert Criteria?
« on: 03-03-10 at 11:59 am »

Hello, I am in the process of formulating answers to the criteria below as it pertains to my invention. However, I am not really sure what exactly Lambert & Lambert are asking for regarding the specific criteria below.

1. Legality
2. Product-line potential
3. Impact on society

Any suggestions and or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lambert & Lambert Criteria?
« Reply #1 on: 08-26-10 at 10:22 am »

I'm posting a response even though it's too little, too late, as I've nothing better to do at the present. In terms of your question:

Likely neither does he (know what it/they mean).

To me it reads like a variation on Dr.Udellís PIES questions. In other words, IMPO, to avoid copyright the above was construed. Consequently, to me,  individual words on their own without explanation - make little sense and are therefore ambiguous in the extreme.

He's likely assigned each answer a numerical value, say 1-5. If in his opinion your answer makes sense to him, he assigns it a 4 or 5. Single words such as "Legality" are so broad and ambiguous to be laughable as there is no "right" answer since one doesn't know what the heck he is asking. Duhhh?   >:(




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Re: Lambert & Lambert Criteria?
« Reply #2 on: 08-26-10 at 10:39 am »

Legality may have to do with legal barriers to sell your product.  For example, if you invent a new system and method for the purification of cocaine hydrochloride, you may have a difficult time selling it without being thrown in prison.
"The life of a patent solicitor has always been a hard one."  Judge Giles Rich, Application of Ruschig, 379 F.2d 990.

Disclaimer: not only am I not a lawyer, I'm not your lawyer.  Therefore, this does not constitute legal advice.


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