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Author Topic: user-generated content and the cgt  (Read 3126 times)


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user-generated content and the cgt
« on: 10-06-09 at 01:02 am »

The importance of ClipGenerator’s Technology (CGT) for the entire music industry

The fundamental difference between CGT and all other currently available technologies is that, irrespective of their design, all other technologies infringe upon the rights of the copyright holders or at the very least, upon the moral rights of the creators as soon as private content is combined with copyrighted music or copyrighted music videos.

Further problems are encountered by other technologies that have no mechanism to control the environment or advertising surrounding and associated with this material.

CGT avoids this problem by providing the creators with a “raw form” of their clip (in full length including all film cuts) for pre-screening and approval before it is published. This “raw form”, once approved by the creators means that all clips created using this template are also legal as the User can only insert picture and video material and text into template.

Therefore the CGT production form of video clips not only has the advantage that all clips are completely legal but also that each video is immediately identifiable, this in turn allows the CGT – unlike all other methods of combining private and copyrighted content (music/video) - to track each and every usage of copyrighted material so that royalties and other fees can be paid calculated on a point-by-point basis.

What is the importance of CGT for the music industry?

The music industry had long controlled the sales channels of both music and music videos before the internet boom and were thus in a position to levy exact charges for usage however as the internet spread and allowed almost unlimited copying and mixing possibilities, this capacity to control has been greatly diminished.

Due to the large demand from consumers for the creation of mixed personal and copyright content it is very difficult to enforce a general prohibition of copyright violations on the internet as it is highly impractical and has already been met with considerable political resistance. Nonetheless the creators and copyright holders are clearly favoured by legal precedents, the “Pirate Bay” judgement which even led to jail sentences for those convicted particularly emphasises this point.

The fact that CGT not only makes the mixing of this content legal, but that it also facilitates it so that any User, regardless of prior knowledge can create their own video is a priceless advantage over other technologies.

Hence it is our opinion that the music industry should have an independent economic interest in improving CGT and raising it to the status of a generally accepted standard while also striving to prevent all forms of copyright abuse and encouraging legal technologies, like CGT.

Only once it is clear that protected content is worth protecting – a consensus no longer prevalent amongst the general public, particularly amongst younger generations – will the music industry be able to charge for usage of copyrighted materials and allow the rightful remuneration of creators and copyright holders.

The current climate which supports the illegal use of copyrighted material in the online environment is economically unsustainable for CGT in the long term. Trivid GmbH, patent holders of CGT is the only company in the world to have developed an advanced technology on the basis of a software-as-a-service solution which can be easily used by any portal, business or advertising client.

With CGT, Trivid offers a comprehensive rights and account management system that calculates and divides all income received from various sources and is able to pay exact amounts to each individual copyright holder, everyone from the labels to the publishers, artists to composers are fairly represented under this system.

Trivid keeps records of all rights to be obtained, such as the right to produce a film, right of reproduction, call-up rights / the right to offer public access, editing rights, distribution rights, the right to shorten and technically prepare the creation for the production of video templates and video clips and the right to combine the creations with images, video sequences, texts and/or sound (e.g. speech).

All other service providers of similar technologies are financed via advertising which is being illegally added as the creators have not been consulted and do not know the advertisers associated with their material. Further, these service providers only hand over a fraction of their advertising income to the music industry; Trivid pays all copyright holders for the use of the music itself.

Author: Dr. jur Friedrich O. Meckbach
Copyright Expert


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user-generated content and copyright infringements
« Reply #1 on: 10-07-09 at 07:24 am »

This is a good explanation of the importance of a legal preclearing system for the music industry. Interesting for many websites as well as musicians, because it was difficult up to now to find a legal solution in comparison to all the other similar technical possibilities, f.e. with slideshows.

The main difference seems to be the way of the approach to a precleared system on a template-based audio-/video-embedding system.
This on one hand is a big advantage on the other hand it seems to hamper the flexibility of the user. Users of  the CTG seem not to be as free as users of other technical solutions (free musicupload from computers etc). CTG users are always bound to the selection of the precleared catalogue as well as the design-options of the professional videoartists CGT is using. They are not allowed to change the music or animations just as they like to do. This seems to be the price of legality.
But as long as copyright law will not change completely (and probably it won't) , CTG will deepen the advantage to give users and portals the certainty not to have to pay damages to the right holders. This might be a help for all plattforms, if you think of the  "Pirate Bay Judgements" and consequences.


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