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[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Error 212 Authorization refused - AVS did not match.

    Postal/Zip Code Error

    If you receive this error it is because the zip/postal code does not match the one on the statement.

    Error 212 Authorization refused - AVS did not match.

    Sub-response code 1000 - Cause - This error occurs when AVS fails on a transa ction, but the transaction would otherwise have been successful. For example, a person might be using a corporate credit card which has the corporation's add ress information registered with the issuing bank. If the person enters the add ress where they are located an error will occur if the two addresses are differe nt. The zip code in the card holder's mailing address that has been registered with the bank must be the same as the zip code entered in the corresponding fiel d during credit card processing. Resolution: Ensure that the zip code entered for the transaction is the same zip code that the issuing bank has in t he mailing address of the card holder. Retry the transaction.

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