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Supporting Attorney
Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Date Posted: March 30, 2014
Contact: Adam Langley
Company\Firm: RYUKA IP Law Firm
Job Description: RYUKA is a Japanese intellectual property law firm led by IP Professionals with rich backgrounds in many technical fields and expertise in a variety of jurisdictions (Please visit for more information). Currently, RYUKA is forming a new “president team” for providing quick and thorough communication to our clients, including those for making the president’s appointments to legal consultations. The team members will work directly with the president and communicate with clients under the name of the president. Key capabilities include reading between the lines of client emails, and learning patent and trademark prosecution practices from the president and other firm members. Key qualities include providing high-level professional communication to clients and developing trust with them. Though RYUKA is a Japanese company, the President, who is qualified to practice law in both Japan and California (USA), and many staff members speak very good English, and therefore knowledge of the Japanese language is not a requirement. Please see the requirements in detail, below.

+Perform legal research, and draft legal and procedural explanations
+Trademark and design prosecution
+Work closely with the Company President to assist in generating and maintaining relationships with foreign clients
+Summarize Client inquiries, requests, and other communications
+Discuss details of communications with the Company President, including the underlying intentions and desires
+Prepare and deliver suitable responses keeping the underlying intentions and desires in mind
+Explain, within the responses, Japanese patent and trademark practice in accordance with the explanations given by our attorneys
+Prepare and/or Revise offers for services to prospective clients

Required Education, Qualifications and Work experience:
+Attorney (any field) or Patent Agent certified in any country
+3+ years of any full time working experience in the U.S.
Native English
+Intent to stay in Japan for several years

Critical Competencies/Behaviors:
+Ability to think positively in all situations
+Ability to determine underlying intentions, desires, and strategic position from communications received from abroad
+Ability to function autonomously, yet understands necessity of advising management of work progress and any unusual situations
+Skilled at managing multiple tasks simultaneously and effectively
+Ability to work independently and efficiently under time pressures and deadlines in a fast-paced environment
+Adaptable to changing environments
+Exercise of sound judgment
+Strong interpersonal skills including ability to engender trust, respect, and confidence
+Excellent written and oral communication skills including the ability to communicate and interact effectively at all levels of the organization

Optional but valued:
+Experience in the U.S. as an Attorney (any field) or Patent Agent

+420-520万円 (about 42,000-52,000 USD) per year (negotiable, salary commensurate with experience)
+Employment Visa
+Opportunity for Advancement

Please submit a resume and cover letter (within 400 words) in confidence to our post at Gaijin Pot ( Please include solid reasons for staying in Japan for several years in the cover letter. We will respond to all resumes that are accompanied by cover letters.

Job Number: EA20846
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