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LegalForce RAPC, Patent Prosecutor EE/CS - Palo Alto CA

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LegalForce RAPC, Patent Prosecutor EE/CS
Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States
Date Posted: August 20, 2013
Contact: Raj Abhyanker
Company\Firm: LegalForce RAPC Worldwide
Job Description: LegalForce RAPC ( is a fast growing Silicon Valley law firm that created the website (see: Today, we represent more than 24,000 clients worldwide on trademark and intellectual property matters. We want to create a culture of high quality work product, attention to detail, and U.S. patent prosecution efficiency taught at major U.S. patent prosecution law firms.

We are looking for a U.S. patent attorney with at least 2 to 4 years of experience to join our firm as a Partner and bring the culture, discipline, and efficiency from large patent prosecution boutiques to LegalForce RAPC. Must be currently working at a major U.S. patent prosecution boutique law firm (preferably in the Bay Area), or must have recently left such a firm (on good terms) to start their own U.S. patent prosecution solo practice.

Salary will be $150,000 (1400 billable hours, 400 management hours). No portable book of business required. Ideal candidate will have extensive experience prosecuting EE/CS patent applications.

This may be a lower starting salary than what you currently make at your current law firm. Before you stop reading, consider the opportunity that LegalForce RAPC can uniquely provide to you.

LegalForce RAPC can help you:

1. Quickly build a portable book of business of venture backed and multinational patent clients.

2. Work in a law firm that is changing the legal profession in ways never before possible.

3. Gain leadership and management skills that would otherwise take a decade of hard work to achieve at large patent prosecution firms.

LegalForce RAPC was started in 2008 by a U.S. patent attorney with 3 years of experience in working at major U.S. patent prosecution law firms as an associate. Since then, we have grown rapidly thanks to our innovations on the web and quality of work product. Today, LegalForce RAPC has among the highest allowance rates for U.S. trademark and patent applications than any other major firm. We have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, and are an INC500/5000 fastest growing business in the United States for the second year in a row.

Ideal candidate for the Patent prosecution Partner position will be:

1. Experienced. We will only consider candidates with at least 2 to 4 years of solid patent prosecution experience at a major U.S. patent prosecution firm because we want to bring the culture and discipline of large patent prosecution boutiques to LegalForce RAPC Worldwide.

2. Personable & Leader. We want a U.S. patent attorney who is personable and is a leader. Someone who can inspire others, and earn the trust of clients and staff.

3. Proactive Self Starter, Passion for work we do, & Discipline. What we want are Partners who can create their own futures, particularly people who are proactive self starters, self motivated, and disciplined in their work/life balance and outlook. We need employees and attorneys who have demonstrated maturity, discipline, and respect in the place they work and what it offers them.

4. Believe in our model. We need employees who care about changing the legal profession in a meaningful way in light of the economic models emerging because of non-law firm entities competing in the same space. Understand and embrace our globalized support structure for ensuring maximum efficiency in legal practice to better be able to compete with non-law firm entities, while at the same time building a law firm of the future by changing the very nature of how legal services are delivered on the web, in person through access to law centers, through client relations attorneys assigned to territories, and through globalized support.

5. Short Commute. Ideally, we should hire individuals who do not have to commute more than 30 minutes to come to work.

Please submit a cover letter, at least three issued or published EE/CS patent examples, and a resume for serious consideration.

Job Number: EA10346
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