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(Message started by: flygirl on Dec 11th, 2006, 5:55pm)

Title: can you patent a show idea?
Post by flygirl on Dec 11th, 2006, 5:55pm
I have a show idea that has been executed in front of audiences in two major market cities. I have recently been approached by a company that wants to use the idea for a signature yearly event. They have offered me (my company) the Founder title and a chair position - no financial compensation (royalities, licensing etc). During the meeting they offered that i could be a volunteer event organizer and get recognition for the event as the person who has developed the idea (founder). I would like to maintain control and ownership of the concept which has proven to be a great one! Plus volunteer recognition is not what i am looking for. Can you patent a show idea/concept?

Title: Re: can you patent a show idea?
Post by CriterionD on Dec 14th, 2006, 3:18pm
There may be other factors present, but in itself, it is possible to patent an idea for a game show.

Click here for a few basic examples (

Title: Re: can you patent a show idea?
Post by Sudhir Kumar Aswal on Dec 16th, 2006, 1:09am
An idea itself is not patentable, at the best it can be claimed in copyright where it does not look per se as an Idea.

More over it may further be hit by previous publication and you wont be able to succesfully enforce it as a patent.

It is advisable to get the copyright

Title: Re: can you patent a show idea?
Post by Isaac on Dec 16th, 2006, 7:42am
In my opinion, copyright protection would be essentially useless here. Copyright protection wouldn't protect someone from performing a show based on a copyrighted description of the show.

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