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Is it Patentable?
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   One year rule and Patentability
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Re: One year rule and Patentability
« Reply #25 on: Dec 2nd, 2006, 4:18pm »
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Hi everyone,
Wiscagent, you are correct that the protection a "means for" claim affords is limited to equivalents of what is disclosed in the specification, but this still gives much room for many alternatives & various embodiments that my not be obvious in view of the specification or prior art combined.  
My point was that a claim can be worded to provide protection for a design and various alternatives and/or equivalents, without actually rendering the alternative embodiments obvious due to the wording of the claim.
I did not mean to imply that claims are read or interpreted in a vacuum, you always have to take what is disclosed and/or suggested by the specification into consideration when defining the scope of coverage or protection a patent claim provides.  
Thanks for your feedback.
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