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Aug 19th, 2019, 9:12pm

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   "Monster" Vintage Strong-Arms Small Busi
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   Author  Topic: "Monster" Vintage Strong-Arms Small Busi  (Read 7586 times)
Nien Tao
Re: "Monster" Vintage Strong-Arms Small
« Reply #10 on: Feb 12th, 2005, 4:56pm »
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"He who fights with monsters. should be careful, lest he thereby become a monster" -  Friedrich Nietzsche.  
What an amazing extortion-like racket.  Don Corleone himself couldn't have thought of such a racket as these lawyers for monster cable.
I always thought American trademark law allows you to trademark something in relationship to it's use of application, perhaps I am mistaken.  Somehow there is United Parcel Service, the United States, United Freight, United van Lines and all of them somehow exist without infringing on each others trademark.  Imagine that.  Somehow I am at a loss to explain how vintage clothing is related to audio cable that monster produces.  Geesh, what is next, will they go after the "Son of Svengoulie" for his "Monster Horror Chiller Theater"?
Here is a clue for monster, spend less on lawyers and more on product development.
In any case, I personally do NOT do business or purchase products from companies that bully others with lawyers, and hide behind lawyers using bogus legal-eze to abuse the freedom and liberties of law abiding citizens and businesses.  They can get all the lawyers they want, what they are doing seems awfully like extortion (sign the rights to your companies name away, pay 5 large (thats 5 thousand for the mob lingo inpiared) and 1 percent of the gross).  
In "The Godfather" Don Corleone (known to leave horses heads in people's beds)  says things like "things break you know, things happen, bad things, you should pay us, we can take care of you..."   And somehow this is  different from "give us your domain/comapnay name, surrunder quality control of your company to us, pay us $5000.00 and 1% of the gross or we will sick our lawyers on you and drive you into bankruptcy having to defend yourself".  Pathetic, just pathetic.
For the time being, I am boycotting Monster Cable.  I will no longer purchase monster cable and will encourage as many others as I can to no longer buy their products.  Perhaps this will have no effect on their multi-million dollar business, but they might find that while creating a positive image costs much in advertising; destroying it costs nothing at all, just being an aggressive, bullying jerk.  Europeans tend to look highly unfavorably at what we call "predatory american" business practices.
Perhaps their corporate heads should talk to someone other than lawyers.
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Re: "Monster" Vintage Strong-Arms Small
« Reply #11 on: Feb 16th, 2005, 2:19pm »
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on Feb 12th, 2005, 4:56pm, Nien Tao wrote:
Perhaps their corporate heads should talk to someone other than lawyers.

If they had talked to good lawyers, they would have been advised that the facts don't support their legal position, at least not strongly.  They probably should have been advised that what they are/were hoping to achieve was a long-shot in terms of generating a benefit that would have out-weighed the costs.
Perhaps they were told all this by good lawyers and decided to disregard it.  
In my somewhat limited perspective on these sorts of things, people tend to get their derrieres handed to them from ignoring their lawyers rather than listening to them.
Just a thought...
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James D. Ivey
Law Offices of James D. Ivey
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