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(Message started by: dab2d on Jun 30th, 2006, 8:23am)

Title: Working w/ a client to invent somthing
Post by dab2d on Jun 30th, 2006, 8:23am
I have a cleint that I have been life long friends with (I mean before we could ride bikes), and we have been working on somethings together. What are the pitfalls of filinf a patent with one of your clients as joint inventors?

Title: Re: Working w/ a client to invent somthing
Post by Isaac on Jun 30th, 2006, 9:02am
The pitfalls IMO revolve around the facts that 1) the interests of partners may diverge at various times and 2) your client/attorney relationship requires you to look out for the interest of your client.   It is possible to screw this up in ways that create ethics problems that could affect your license and/or registration.

Another issue that is germane to any joint inventor relationship is that the default joint ownership for the patent does not work well.   Most joint owners handle this by forming a business entity to assign the patent to.

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