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   Intellectual Property for a Game ...
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Intellectual Property for a Game ...
« on: Aug 21st, 2007, 9:51pm »
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I am a novice at intellectual property laws, and some idea's on where to look and how to approach this would be useful. Here is the challenge:
There is a game which was made in 1994 which became very popular. They had exclusive licensing rights with a familiar movie. When the gaming company who owned the game lost the rights to use the movie materials, the game died.
Very few people play this game, yet the mechanics of the game are excellent, elegant, and world-class.
I would like to utilize certain pieces of those mechanics.  
I will make it clear that I do not want to 'remake' the game with a different face, I have greatly modified the mechanics of the game.
Yet, there are three areas where the mechanics uniquely operate together that draws my interest.
These distinct aspects, when considered separately and apart from one another, are common to every game.
It's the combination of these aspects which intrigue me.
I am able to modify every other aspect to the game, and have greatly improved upon all other mechanics.
I would:
A> Like to know how to track down exactly what has been copyrighted / protected as intellectual property.
B> Am interested if the foundational concepts of a game, such a random numbers and rolling dice, or using counters, or using cards a certain way, can be protected.
C> like to discover if the combination of how these game elements relate to each other is protected
D> Would like to find out when their intellectual property protection ends.
E> Know what I should be asking that I'm not asking.
Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: Intellectual Property for a Game ...
« Reply #1 on: Aug 22nd, 2007, 8:26pm »
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Sounds to me like you're looking for a patent search.  A patent is what would have protected the underlying functionality of the game you reference.  You could end up finding a patent covering the exact game, and/or patents covering other similar games.  
If you would like to do some searching yourself, a few good links for you would include:
I guess there's a chance copyright protection could come into play depending on details involved (and perhaps the country you are in), but I'm inclined to say thats probably not the case.
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Re: Intellectual Property for sale.
« Reply #2 on: Nov 24th, 2007, 3:48pm »
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I have an "issued" US Patent and several other issued international patents, plus I have applied for 4 additional  patents that have been filed internationally. These are based on the same basic technology that I have developed.  
This technology has been clinically shown to induce new and healthy tissue growth along with several other positive results Biologically speaking.  I'm a researcher and not a cut throat business man and that is evident over the last several years of trying to get this project off the ground.
I am in desperate need of an honest and trust worthy individual that make this happen and bring it to profitability.  Can anyone help?  I have spent over the last 10 years a million plus dollars to develop this technology.
I have been told that the present company valuation is between 5 -35 million.  
IE:  selling patents outright
IE:  Licensing Patents
Can you refer me to someone who may help.
Thanks DK
write me direct at dek1957 at yahoo dot  com if you like
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