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   looking for new inventions for sale
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« Reply #25 on: Dec 20th, 2005, 5:20pm »
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The traditional propeller system of a ship is a very heavy mechanism and is inefficient. However it is tested all over the past years and is almost perfected and preferred by all the customers and the ship builders. The engine and related systems to drive the propellers are huge and so are the rudder and steering gear mechanisms.  
But, there is a ship propulsion mechanism now available for development and is based on a unique concept. Following distinctive advantages can be achieved through this break through technology. This I consider is the one among my best conceived innovations.
1. This is an untraditional ship movement mechanism where in a huge cost savings of fuel to 50% or more is possible. The fuel efficiency is so high that the first voyage itself will make it a popular profit earner. Anybody will understand it, once the theory and principles are explained. This is a proven technology and is applied in many many places, but in a different way. So most people cannot really visualize the new mechanism. That is why it was hidden. Fortunately I got an opportunity to break it.
2. Assuming a VLCC having a 2 million barrel capacity, you can imagine the huge qty of water it has to displace to travel through the oceans with full load. This will equate with the huge power required. Even then the travel will be much slower than the one with the new propulsion system. If the power is increased by some means, the traditional propeller drive will break up not withstanding the additional power applied. However, the new innovative drive mechanism will give a smoother and much faster sailing.
3. This mechanism will fully replace the present propeller drive mechanism, huge engines or boilers and the associated systems entirely and save millions on the cost of manufacture itself.  
4. The operation of this unique system is based on reverse gravity principle (Not anti-gravity) that may not seem to be fully understood with these write-ups. But that is the true basis of all these great advantages.  
5. The power train consists of an array of electrical motors driving a continuous chain of innovative drive mechanisms that develops huge power when added together. Here mechanical advantage is utilized to it's best possible way in conjunction with reverse gravity (not anti-gravity).  
6. The machinery required (the power train) is much smaller and less heavy and consumes much much less power than a ship's propeller shaft if connected directly to a gear mechanism and electrical motor assuming the same ship is modified to utilize this innovative propulsion system.
7. Even though it is best suited for very large carriers, smaller ships can also be manufactured to benefit from this break through technology.  
8. This technology in principle can give an enormous thrust of 10,000 kg/cm2 to very large ship (larger the better) on a rough calculation and can hence achieve a greater speed on a normal sailing with a less powerful power train, which is the basis of efficiency. As a comparison a 30 feet diameter propeller of a VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier that can carry 2,000,000 barrels of crude oil) can develop only a thrust of approximately 3000 kg/ cm2 at 60 rpm.  
9. This new system uses very practical and highly efficient maneuvering methods wherein no rudder is required and hence no steering gear and associated systems.  
10. This is going to be the future technology of all new ships in the next 5 to 15 years and henceforth.  
11. No ship owner or a ship builder will dare to make a propeller driven ship after seeing the performance of this new generation super ship.  
12. Once understood, the theory behind is astonishingly simple and straight forward and agrees with all the principles of physics & dynamics.  
13. Please, serious people who are associated with ship industry interested to bring their company to the top of the ladder are welcome to enquire. If you are such a person there is no harm in enquiring and there is no commitment. This proposal is going to be extremely beneficial to you. No money transactions until legally binding contracts made by your attorney are signed. Remember your small action now might change the fortunes of your company for all the years to come, at least for the next 50 years.  
14. It is true that you may not believe my claims at this stage, still I tell you again that this is astonishingly simple and most practical and there is nothing to loose if you enquire.
15. If you are interested to know more, kindly reply to, or  You can also contact me on Tel: Int+91-80-2360 8816 when I am available in India.
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Mario Gottfried
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #26 on: Dec 21st, 2005, 1:02pm »
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In view of global wraming and the legitimate concerns of the common folks to auto makers and fuel co.s, the reality is disconcerting....  
There is no solution for a cheap, better yield battery that can compete with fuel...not even at $ 5.00 a gal.
Now there is, a 3 Dimensional, Counter Rotating , Kinetic Electro Mechanical Accumulator or 3D CR KEMA, or just KEMA for short.
KEMA is a six flywheel, 3D, in 3 pairs arrangement, where the flywheels are optimized in strength to spin at high speed.   Each flywheel with it's motor is a full gyro, but in the arrangement the set is a gyro neutral. All six flywheels are mounted in a sphere for a near absolute
vacuum. The entire set is made with injected or wound composites.
Engineering targets testing at 75,000 RPM, to operate at 65 K RPM.  In a stationary operation for +15 kWh.   Mobile uses as in EV's or HEV's in road type vehicles, a maximum of 40,000 RPM is planned, with a smaller
OD in the flywheels for +2 kWh.   Mobile uses can increase speed on tracked or computer routed vehicles.   The main drawback in mobil used
is road shock and changes of angular momentum.
Mobil mounting includes added elasticity for safety.
KEMA becomes the most powerful, greatest energy capacity, long life, continous cycling, quick to re-load, higherst regenerative recovery system, highest surging capacity, and unlimited parrallel operation.
KEMA stationary and vehicle mounted mobile units can be made to  operate in a normal home/office for quick re-loading.
KEMA is a very powerful battery, backed by Patent US 6,232,671 B1 issued May 15, 2001, other newer stuff is patent pending.
Merry Xmas,  Mario
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Jayasamraj Janakiraman
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #27 on: Dec 29th, 2005, 12:03am »
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I have invented a new Flow Metering principle with which we can meter the liquid flow in the order of milliliters.
The Milli Flow Meter uses a simple principle together with some electronics for the Digital Indicators.
The cost of a Milli Flow Meter will work out well below $5 and when produced en mass, it will cost only about $1.
This will find great application in the automobile industry, as every automobile owner WILL NEED ONE. Infact, I myself designed the unit for checking the mileage of my vehicles (Bikes and Car).
This principle will also be very helpful in metering liquid flow in Chemical, Physics, Botonical, Zoological, Pharmaceutical Laboratories etc.
I need a sponsorer for manufacturing and distributing the product worldwide. Or someone who will pay me a fee for using the principle of measurement.
This measuring principle does not depend on the convensional flow measurement principles like Pelton Wheel or Differential Pressure, Venturi, Coriolis, Positive Displacement or Doppler Effect etc.
I have termed it Differential Density Flow Meter.
Please contact me at the following Email IDs or or
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Chris Vanfossen
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #28 on: Jan 18th, 2006, 11:15am »
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Hello my name is chris vanfossen and I do have a new product idea that will make me and a investor lots of money. I have not got this item protected so We would need a confidentiality agreement . I have two working prototypes that I use now and Have people want to buy! it or know were to get one. so if the investor would like to contact me direct so we could come to an agreement. I could sale the product totaly or do percentages on the amount of the investment. I had a preliminary patent search done. a patent drawing and a new product # 304 473-1199
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brian lariccia
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #29 on: Jan 20th, 2006, 11:46pm »
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i got ideas for your investor, but im not sharing online, contact me at my email and we discuss further.
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