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   looking for new inventions for sale
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Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #10 on: Jul 22nd, 2005, 4:14pm »
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on Jul 22nd, 2005, 4:09pm, Petar MIhaljcic wrote:

        Outline of the revolutionary, SM-Motor:
     the future of tomorrow´s automobile engines
              SM-MOTOR PROJECT
The SM-motor project has never been been offered or presented before and it is not patented up to date. The functioning mechanism of the engine(according to my information) is completely unknown in mechanics.
With all its “comparative” advantages, it is certainly the best internal combustion engine in the world up to date.
Here are just a few of its incredible "advantages":
Thanks to an innovative, groundbreaking mechanical system(whose manufacturing doesnt require any new technologies), this engine is significantly more efficient, lighter and smaller than the traditional engines. With the same volume as a conventional engine, the SM Motor can deliver almost twice as much power, which makes it of great interest especially for F1, where the volume of the engines is limited.
I wanted to start my own production, but funding such a huge project is an extremely exhausting undertaking and I soon realized that I cannot do this alone.
I am currently working on the prototype, I require approximately $ 1 million for completion. Do not be misled by the fact that the engine is still not constructed, the principle mechanism has been tested and works perfectly. If there is one thing that I really know in this world, then that is machinery and mechanics. I have considerable experience with car engines , please do not question my professionality.
Once the engine is constructed, I will reveal it to the automobile industry worldwide. I will then ask them to pay for all the intelectual property protection measures(since it is extremely expensive to do so at a GLOBAL level), and they will of course have no other choice, because otherwise they wont be allowed to start making use of my engine!
Since the person who decides to assist me financially in what without doubt will turn out to be a  
MULTI BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS will be the starting force, I will make sure that he is duly rewarded.  
If you are seriously interested in this project,
contact me at and we will settle the terms of our agreement.
I guarantee that you will never regret this decision.
Best regards,
Petar Mihaljcic on behalf of  
the inventor Dr.Sc. Stevo Mihaljcic

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Emmor Ray Sperry
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #11 on: Jul 31st, 2005, 4:15pm »
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Emmor Ray Sperry
Box 1043, 1150 Davis, Rossland,
British Columbia,
Tel: 1-250-362-5423 (Home: Pacific standard time)    
Dear Sir or Madam:
I have 30 items of intellectual property for sale.
I will sell all the items as a package (negotiable)  or sell each item Individually for $980,000 US.  
29 of the items are new and original board game designs.
6 or 7 are new strategy games, like chess or checkers. Some are abstract strategy, like cribbage or Backgammon. Some are educational, in the same category as Trivial Pursuit. Some are family board games, like Monopoly or Clue or Risk.
One item is a new world map projection design. All the latitude and Longitude lines are correct and it has very little distortion of the land masses or the relative sizes of the land masses. Its title is “Wall Globe”tm.  
The initial work  of registered copyright (U.S.A.)
And common law trademark is done. Titles of the different
Game designs and Wall Globe can be seen at:
 [key words, "sperry,emmor ray"]
 A couple of my game designs  can be played on
 the  internet at:
I can email serious enquiries, Pictures and descriptions and rules of any or all the game designs and Wall Globe.
Prototypes are also available.  
 Best Regards
 Emmor Ray Sperry
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Melissa Govender
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #12 on: Aug 19th, 2005, 11:22am »
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My name is Melissa and I am 16 years old.I emailed you once before regarding my finacial ituation and my current situation Please respond soon..well i've been thinking of ways to get out of this situation and I have  come up with a great idea regarding infant/toddler safety. I have many ideas and many businessplans..but I decided to start with this sun protection/safety idea because it will give me a quick return. I have invented if you may a product that will aleviate most of the problems mothers face when there babies/toddlers are in the car /at home /park etc. and the sun continuously bothers them..causing irritation and also sun rashes..This product is extremely can be used in the stroller, in play den, in the cot, at home, in the car on mum's lap, in the carseat, it even will have a ground attachment that stands alone..extremely versatile...I came up with this idea when I contemplated on an event that happened quite a while ago.. I was in the car with family and we have a new born baby in the car with us.. mothers normally carry infants in their hands for first month or so..
the child was very irritable because of the sun in his face as as a consequence developed a rash. This product is bouind to succeed.
I intend on selling this idea to a manufacture/company that is interested.
With the money from this , I will open my business and develop many more ideas..this is just the beginning.
The only problem is I need finance to even start off with this idea!
I need to employ a sketch artist, and employees to come up with strategies and assist me in any plans I might have , I need to patent my idea/invention, I need to locate and contact manufactures, I need internet access and a computer etc.  
I do have a plan but getting it off the ground is going to take alot of hard work..
I am determined , motivated and ready to see this succeed. I won't give up!!
I need an investor/s that is willing to help me by providing initial funds.. when this idea sells I will pay back the investor with interest stipulated by him/her.
I am hoping to get as much as possible and I am unable to take out a loan due to the fact that I am a student.
I need probably around R50 000 -R100 000 to get things started..
I need to get global patenting and employ two people and an artist to help with selling this innovation and sketches and other ideas.and I hope I can locate it soon, I really need to start this project..
Hope you find this a great opportunity ..  
Thank you for all your help and time ...
Keep well!!
Miss Melissa Govender
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Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #13 on: Aug 28th, 2005, 11:57am »
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I have a patent pending on invention for a dishwasher device that will allow anyone to sanatize a large amount of toys all at one time! This not only cuts down on germs but save moms tons of time. This device can also be used for other things beside toys. This opens a vast market of opportunity for those who are ready to buy. This will be the next baby shower must have for all moms and daycres out there. I am asking 1 million up front and 10% of net sales.  This offer won't last long
Only serious reply
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margaret togher
Re: looking for new inventions for sale
« Reply #14 on: Sep 3rd, 2005, 4:25pm »
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on Feb 25th, 2005, 11:41am, Rxwisher wrote:
I have an investor who is currently looking for new inventions with the potential of marketing. Give a brief summary of your invention and why your product is worth investing and developing. Pictures are a plus.

my idea  
 is a sun safe garment
   please replie for more imfo.   thank you m,t.
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