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Title: China faces more WTO critics
Post by hwipsoon on Nov 11th, 2007, 8:26pm
China faces more WTO critics

Trimmed by IPsoon Global Agency
Nov 12, 2007

After two weeks of deliberation, the EU says it now wants to join the consultations at the WTO on China's record of IP enforcement.

US officials made two requests for World Trade Organization dispute settlement consultations on April 10: one over what they described as "deficiencies" in China's legal regime for protecting and enforcing copyrights and trademarks, and the other over China's alleged barriers to trade in books, music, videos and movies.

The delegation of the European Communities sent a communication on April 25, confirming that it wants to take part in both consultations.

In its notice, it said: "Counterfeiting and piracy activity leads to a systematic erosion of the value added created by European R&D investments and affects the development of a stable and mutually beneficial trade relation. China is the fourth largest destination of EC exports. Therefore, the European Communities has a substantial trade interest in the present dispute and in the correct application of the TRIPs Agreement."

The move follows confusing signals from the European Commission about the WTO action. Viviane Reding, the EU Information Society and Media Commissioner, had told journalists in Beijing that the EU planned to pursue IP issues with the Chinese authorities on a bilateral basis. But one week later, Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson told reporters that he did not rule out initiating or joining action at the WTO if China failed to take its responsibilities seriously.

On the same day of the European Commission announcement, Canada and Mexico asked to take part in the consultation on China's record of enforcing IP rights. Japan made the same request three days earlier.

IPsoon Global Agency comments:
As a professional IP Agency, We recognize that In China, IP infringement is serious indeed. The government is adopting many methods to improve this instance. But the thing is to accumulate over a long period.

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