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   Any interest in contingent prosecution fees?
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Bob's Uncle
Any interest in contingent prosecution fees?
« on: Oct 16th, 2007, 5:17am »
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I've written and prosecuted a patent application pro se. The PTO has issued a 2nd, final, OA that rejects all claims as obvious.  
At this point, I feel I have exhausted my ability, as an amateur, to make any further progress with the PTO. However, a start-up has recently appeared whose business is based precisely on the invention in my application:
www dot spotscout dot com
I now need to weigh the likelyhood of attaining a patent against the costs of further prosecution. Not having any experience prosecuting applications, I have no idea what my prospects are. So I'm interested in discovering if there are any attorneys who are willing to prosecute this application on a contingent fee basis.
I see the contingency fee structure as a vote of confidence from someone who is much better informed than myself.
I would entertain an arrangement that pays a higher than normal flat-fee upon the issuance of the patent. I would also entertain a structure that assigns a fractional ownership of the patent to the attorney.
All thoughts welcomed.
Bob's Uncle
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