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(Message started by: maskedSONY on Oct 26th, 2007, 6:27pm)

Title: Patent Agent marketability?
Post by maskedSONY on Oct 26th, 2007, 6:27pm
Can being a registered patent agent enhance your marketability at all into other fields or jobs at all?  Or does it vary based upon your background (life science versus engineering?)

Title: Re: Patent Agent marketability?
Post by Wiscagent on Oct 28th, 2007, 12:44pm
At a minimum, a resume showing that a job applicant is a registered patent agent will encourage the potential employer to look a bit more closely; registration distinguishes the applicant from the pack.  In some situations a familiarity with patent law will be a valuable skill - even if the job is in research or engineering, not a regular patent agent job.  And it’s unlikely that registration would be a negative.

By the way, why just “life science versus engineering”?  Are physical scientists not worthy?

Title: Re: Patent Agent marketability?
Post by maskedSONY on Oct 28th, 2007, 1:36pm
I should have been more specific.  In the pharma and biotech industries there is an unspoken glass ceiling.  If you don't have a doctorate in one of the life sciences (chemistry, biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc) then you really aren't seriously considered for potent R&D type jobs.  In the legal world, clients are now demanding that law firms have doctorate holders, so law firms look mostly to hire these types of people.  This topic has been beaten to death around here in older threads.

I've noticed that with engineer who are focused on the software, computing or telecommunications areas, its much more common to find BS or MS level patent lawyers or agents.   It's not that physical scientists aren't worthy - if they can fufill a need in an industry, then thats fine.

My concern is that say I were to go on to become a registered patent agent (I currently have an MS in pharmacology), what else could I use that for?  Is this experience going to pigeon-hole me or can I market myself in other ways?  

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