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(Message started by: Ammon Lesher on Jul 3rd, 2007, 12:51pm)

Title: Marine biology background
Post by Ammon Lesher on Jul 3rd, 2007, 12:51pm
I have a B.S. and M.S. in marine biology and just finished my 1L year.  I have a decent law school gpa (top 30%) and am 99% sure I qualify for the patent bar.  I am interested in patent law and since 95% of the people in my law school class are either poly-sci or english majors I feel it's a way to set myself apart.  My only concern is that my background, while meeting technical requirements for the patent bar, is not one of the traditional biochemistry/engineering backgrounds generally possessed by patent attorneys.  I am looking for any advice on whether this background will be applicable to patent law or if I would just be wasting my time taking the patent bar and pursuing a career in patent prosecution or litigation.  

Title: Re: Marine biology background
Post by negfdgsd on Jul 3rd, 2007, 1:42pm
You should be fine for litigation.  Maybe someone else can chime in on your prosecution chances.

Title: Re: Marine biology background
Post by atl on Jul 19th, 2007, 12:03pm
Any thoughts on the prosecution chances?

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