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(Message started by: canadian postdoc on Sep 2nd, 2006, 10:27pm)

Title: another bio phd but also non-US citizen
Post by canadian postdoc on Sep 2nd, 2006, 10:27pm
I've looked through the posts but other than having a bio related PhD, I'm also not a US citizen (so visa issues, couldn't try to take the patent exam and would be difficult to try to get a position as an patent examiner or something at a law firm).

I do plan on talking to (or e-mailing!) directly some people who are doing IP work now to get the feel for the market (seem to be conflicting posts about the job market now...  Any updates on the SF Bay area market).

So my question is would the best option to get into patent law be getting into a Tier 1 law school?  Considering the cost and expense (I do have my PhD from a top school, so wonder if that would help too) how likely would it be to get a good patent attorney position in the end?


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