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Nov 29th, 2022, 4:57pm

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   Attend a T15-T20 or Tier 2 with $$?
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   Author  Topic: Attend a T15-T20 or Tier 2 with $$?  (Read 5701 times)
Re: Attend a T15-T20 or Tier 2 with $$?
« Reply #5 on: Jan 5th, 2008, 10:31pm »
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As a graduating 3L (reputable second tier state school), I can definitely say that you should go to the highest ranked law school you can get into, regardless of cost.
There is a massive advantage to going to a top 15 law school in terms of your job prospects (and a considerable advantage to anything in the top 25).  You will be more highly regarded as a Top 15 graduate in the bottom half of your class than a Tier 2-4 graduate in the top third.
Law school is ENTIRELY about what school you went to, and what your class rank is.  The single most important things you should do are 1) push up your LSAT score as high as possible; 2) go to the highest US News & World Reports-ranked school you can get into; and 3) bust your hump to make great first year grades.
Tier 2 schools are OK, but your job prospects become MUCH more regional rather than national.  Your main goal is to put yourself into the national job market.  Even if you want to stay in Texas or whatever state, your life will be amazingly easier with a high-ranking law school.
Some peope are successful from Tier 3 & 4 schools, but if you go that route you will have to work much harder to be in the absolute top of your class.  Jobs are available, but your odds of making the bucks are substantially diminished (and often the tuition costs are higher).
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