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   interview help
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interview help
« on: Apr 12th, 2007, 7:28pm »
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I was wondering if anyone would know what kind of questions that will be asked during an interview?
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Re: interview help
« Reply #1 on: Apr 12th, 2007, 11:22pm »
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If you are interviewing with a law firm, the interviewers will probably be attorneys who will probably not ask the standard personnel questions (where do you see yourself five years from now, what is your greatest strength, what is your greatest weakness, what is an example of a problem you overcame).  Then again, if you have to meet with someone from the personnel department, you might get some of those questions.
Each attorney may have different criteria.  Some questions may be directed towards determining if you have ties to the geographical area, to feel comfortable that you will be likely to stay a while.  Many questions will probably be directed towards your technical skills and your writing skills.  Some interviewers will not really know what to ask and will just make conversation.  Some questions will be related to your job history and why you left each job.  You may be asked about hours billed in a previous position.  All interviewers will be sizing up your personality and whether you are likely to fit within the culture and be efficient and productive.  Some will be evaluating whether you are likely to be able to get and interface with clients.  
As some interviewers will not know what to ask, be prepared with many questions of your own.  Do some research in advance.  And be prepared with some stories of great accomplishments or interesting projects (non-confidential, of course).
If it is a company, you may get more personnel questions but they will also be evaluating the points I mentioned above, particularly your technical skills.  Companies can be vastly different from one another--some are looking for a jack of all trades (licensing, prosecution, litigation oversight), others focus people into specific job duties.
Best of luck.
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Deepak Malhotra, JD, BSEE
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Malhotra Law Firm
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