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   Starting my own patent agent business
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   Author  Topic: Starting my own patent agent business  (Read 2666 times)
Re: Starting my own patent agent business
« Reply #10 on: Feb 21st, 2007, 5:22pm »
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Sure its better to have worked for an experienced patent attorney before leaping into a solo practice.   But almost every patent I've looked at on PAIR the initial claims submissions by the atty are totally changed - literally altered completely in some cases in the end.  What difference does it make if you draft the best set of claims on the east coast when in the end it will all change.  And some of the claims change dramatically.  
And look at some of the arguments made by practitioners responding to final notices.   Its almost like they agree with the examiners and amend the claims to get the patent issued with the most minimal of arguments.   You can see where the atty surrendered patentable material by amending the claims.  You hardly ever see an application going to a notice of appeal status.
Maybe you can't learn patent claim drafting from Landis totally but between the books, manuals and PAIR I really think you can get a great start.
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