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   What is the best route at a career in patent lit
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   Author  Topic: What is the best route at a career in patent lit  (Read 6097 times)
Re: What is the best route at a career in patent l
« Reply #20 on: Jul 7th, 2005, 4:01pm »
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To answer the question, it is better to go to Columbia, NYU or Fordham if possible.  Cardozo may well give you a good legal education, but it does not have as much of a reputation because it has not existed for very long.  It is only about 30 years old whereas the other schools I mentioned are much older.  Generally, older equals more prestigious (Yale is a good example of this).  Older schools rank higher in reports such as the U.S. News rankings.  This is why the older NYC law schools have many Jewish students with undergraduate degrees from Yeshiva that chose not to go to Yeshiva's law school (Cardozo).  Fordham also has a well regarded evening program.
As for Cardozo the person, he is well known to all law school students.  Take torts class and you'll be sure to hear about his famous opinion in Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co.
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Re: What is the best route at a career in patent l
« Reply #21 on: Jul 7th, 2005, 4:10pm »
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X-zibit, first thing first.  I never in my comment made an assumption on your experience or salary.   It seems you lack the proper ability to pay attention to details because I said that you’d make a good spell checker.  If your an attorney or at the very least trying to be one, "I believe" that you should pay attention to detail else your cross-examiner would make you look like an idiot during a trial.
The only thing I assumed was your age.  If you pay attention to detail you'll notice that I made a disclaimer "(that's if your not older than 25)" so clearly that assumption was based on whether you fit the disclaimer.  
Thirdly, I saw that you had a chance to view the Terms of Use of this forum.  Yet still I could see you don't pay attention to detail.  You just used the first line on that page: "If you use this forum you do so entirely at your own risk".  If you had read the Terms of Use you would have noticed under the section "Terms of Use" and from the first bullet it states:
"You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false..." I thought you would have used this to show that the main reason for your bashing PiP was that he gave a false misspelling of the university.  This would at least give you a weak (but better than anything you said thus far) argument so that you would have some sort of credibility within this discussion.  
As I stated before and hold my point of view, you don't pay attention to detail but you are good at correcting other people's spelling.  So therefore, I think you'll have a better career as a good spell-checker for this forum  Wink .
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Re: What is the best route at a career in patent l
« Reply #22 on: Jul 7th, 2005, 4:38pm »
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Wow...didn't expect that this discussion would have strike up a debate session.  Anyhow, thanks a lot for the responses (some informative, other argumentative).  
xieta_IP, you made a very good point.  Since I am trying to get the best possible outcome my best bet would be to apply to a well-known school.  When applying to law schools I would still apply to Cardozo but if accepted to any of the top 15 schools then I'll prefer those.  
PiP, when I said take a year off I meant that I would probably work as a law clerk or so (if I am lucky) and while working study for the LSAT.  I wish I could use it to go on vacation but I can never have a vacation now that I have a lifetime responsibility Sad  
On that note, would anyone know if a law firm would view me as a liability if I come to work for their firm and already have a son?  Since a lot of law school students are single and don't have any children they essentially prove that they could commit the time needed for the job.  But in my case I want to pursue patent litigation and yet still my son would be young.  Would a firm think that as an employee I would not be able to make my billable hrs?
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Re: What is the best route at a career in patent l
« Reply #23 on: Jul 7th, 2005, 6:03pm »
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Real IP and x-zibit need to relax.  
Real IP - I think you did make a statement saying that x-zibit would make more as a spell checker than at his/her current job. So I dont think you are entirely correct because you sort of did make a comment.
Also I dont think x-zibit was bashing PIP at at all - just correcting the spelling in a rough manner.
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X-zibit needs to relax with the grammer lessons. Who cares.
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Re: What is the best route at a career in patent l
« Reply #24 on: Jul 7th, 2005, 6:52pm »
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ACD--I don't have know for sure whether a firm would see it as a liability that you are married/have a child, but I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to ask you about that during an interview.  Of course, they would most likely find out once you were employed, but there is no reason that you need to volunteer the information in an interview.  
Plus, lots of people get married and/or have children during law school.  I wouldn't say it's the norm, but it's not all that uncommon either.  
Also, if you are a bit older than the "traditional" law student (I am guessing you are since you have a child) you are likely more mature and better at managing your time that the younger students.  This will likely give you a leg up in law school.  If you can manage to do well in law school, I doubt that an employer is going to be all that concerned about your personal life...and if they are, they probably aren't the type of firm you want to work for anyway Smiley  I am am starting law school in the fall, but have taken a few law school questions already (it's a complicated situation)...I have found that the younger students, while many of them are very bright, tend to:  1) spend an inordinate amount of time drinking and staying out really late and 2) be intimidated by the professors to the point that they will not ask questions in class or participate unless called on.  (This is certainly not true of all of them though...don't want any nasty posts in response from an angry law student who does not fit into thatSmiley).
Good luck with your decision!
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