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(Message started by: ray.nyls on Jan 3rd, 2008, 9:12pm)

Title: unofficial computer score/official score from PTO
Post by ray.nyls on Jan 3rd, 2008, 9:12pm
anyone come across any instance (personally or on the forum) where the official notice from PTO gave a different verdict???  i got a 68% and i've read the postings this isn't nearly unusual and many before me have suffered but i am simply distraught and don't want to accept it yet... is it possible for the atual grade somehow to be off by a point or two??? anyone ever hear of this?

will obvioulsy post my experience (with the test) just need to get out of this mental strain so i can think clearly and share something useful:(

one thing i will say - i had FEW REPEATS; test looked VERY DIFFERENT from all the practice tests (i don't think even a single proper claim dependency; proper multiple claiming; etc)

FOUR questions on PCT with exactly the same fact pattern: non-us resident who is a resident of pct state does everything necessary, english copy, description, claim, filing in US - my answer to each question was the SAME - US accept application, forward to IAB and applicant gets benefit of IA filing date.... how is this possible though?  four questions asking apparently the same thing and having the same answer?  so makes me wonder if i screwed up and missed something... i specifically reviewed the four questions together alongside the pct section on filing date, and appeared each had everything required....

more later (sorry but the long 'prometric' link everyone is posting experience to doesnt appear to be loading properly, not sure if its the post or my computer)

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