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(Message started by: ray.nyls on Dec 29th, 2007, 2:27pm)

Title: recent test takers (and studying)
Post by ray.nyls on Dec 29th, 2007, 2:27pm
sorry to create a new post but every time i try to post on the "prometric" link the thing freezes...

Congrats to all the recent takers who passed; and a big THANKS to those who've posted their experience and detail about the exam... def a great help to hear your experience and suggestions

Question for same group (recent takers) - I am taking the test in FIVE days... i've tried to read mpep chapters that are tested heavily (700/2100/etc) - that just doesnt seem like it's going to happen so instead i'm relying on taking practice and reading the relevant sections while going over the practice answers - please let me know if it is absolutely necessary to read these chapters... few additional thoughts/questions below if anyone would be so kind to share insight based on your experience:

a substantial number of posts have said 'MUST KNOW COLD 2002-2003 TESTS'; are questions just not appearing from older tests (ie. would it be waste of time at this point to even look at 1999 or 2001 exams?)

i've also gathered by looking through these posts that appeals and pct practice are now heavily tested - there are very few practice questions on those two chapters compared to other things, so any suggestion for alternative review of appeals/pct (rather than trying to review/memorize from the mpep)

what is your experience re: looking at CRF versus reading the relevant mpep chapter for an answer?  for example, should one not rely on the rule becuase the mpep might add some qualification to the rule that would be missed by relying on just the rule?

i'm sort of off the wall on my practice, my best practice so far around 75-80 on the 2002 tests, but i took half of 2003am and got only 31 right (that would make it a 62 if i take it and do similar on the pm section) - ANY LAST MINUTE SUGGESTION FROM THOSE WHO'VE WALKED THE FIRE???

thanks so much...

Title: Re: recent test takers (and studying)
Post by biopico on Dec 29th, 2007, 3:53pm
You are welcome to try my key outline of MPEP chapters.  You can review my outline in a day or two and feel confident.

Contact info:

Title: Re: recent test takers (and studying)
Post by patentologist on Jan 1st, 2008, 6:59am
make sure u study PCT and Appeals. I think they r more important than 2100 and 700.

Know the 02-03 questions cold. They are valuable freebies and will save u time.

I didn;t get alot of short questions so long fact patterns can burn the clock.

600 is important as well. the key is knowing how to search. make sure u dont close the pdf search b/c it will save time not having to reopen it.

i think for the next few days go over the 02-03 tests again. feel conifdent knowing how to search the mpep. pct is a tough chapter. hard to find stuff on the mpep abt pct cause they give u random dates and oath/declaration issues.

as for appeals, its easy to search.

museum question was about publication date. i chose the date it was catalogued in the library.

go to the site that has the newer questions. that will give u a better insight.

Title: Re: recent test takers (and studying)
Post by ray.nyls on Jan 1st, 2008, 10:20pm
patentologist, thank you so much - helpful info.

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