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(Message started by: Jeff Xu on Mar 12th, 2007, 11:39pm)

Title: Patent Service from China
Post by Jeff Xu on Mar 12th, 2007, 11:39pm
Hi all,  

This is Jeff running a patent consulting firm in Shanghai, China. We have a patent engineer team with strong technical background and good English speaking and writing. We have good experience to help our client apply patents in US, China and Singapore.  

And our service charge is very competitive and fix ( not like normal approach - charge per hour )

We also help our client do patent research projects.  

Please let me know if you have any project opportunties.  

thx, jeff

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by dsnutter on Mar 13th, 2007, 1:46am
What the crap is this all about? No freaking outsourcing. Thank you. And no, you do not have very good English writing skills, which leads me to believe you have even worse speaking skills. Ohh man.

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by Jeff Xu on Mar 13th, 2007, 5:20pm
yes. English writing is our current weakness. So it is not possible for you guys to out source whole patent process. We more prefer a partnership working model. You guys take the high value portion and we do the detail works.

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by plex on Mar 13th, 2007, 6:19pm
Lets be civil, there no reason to get hostile, it is essentially impossible to "off-shore" the vast majority of legal work. I am almost on PCT in my study course, so I am not 100% sure of this yet, but I believe only someone registered with the USPTO can have any kind of interaction with them, and to even be allowed the chance to register, you have to essentially be a U.S. citizen or have a law firm job in the U.S. Additionally, anything drafted has to be in good structured English or has to be translated before it can be submitted.

That aside, my advice to Jeff is to try to setup a patent search, rather than a patent drafting. No vaild opinions on the material could be given, but there are businesses that are successful just offering a general prior art search, it does require someone knowledgeable in the art (field) of the patent idea.

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by Jeff Xu on Mar 13th, 2007, 7:38pm
Plex. thanks for the reply. And i think your comments are correct.

In our current business model, we had interaction with  local clint in china directly and prepared patent draft in English. But we still depend on a lawyer firm in US to help us do the final check and submitting. So the question will be, if we are able to help Chinese client to apply patent in US, using Paris treaty route, we might also help US client to apply for US patent, with the support from US lawyer firm. And there will be huge cost saving for the client.

Regarding patent search, we are also doing it now for the local client. And our focus is semiconductor related area.

Hope those information above is helpful. and can get some additional business opportunities from here.

thx, Jeff

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by sfsf on Mar 14th, 2007, 9:06am

Just out of curiosity... do you think you would ever be in a position to hire a US national with patent experience to help you?  I'm wondering if there are opportunities for US patent professionals who would like international experience in Shanghai.  If so, would such a person have to speak chinese?


Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by Jeff Xu on Mar 14th, 2007, 6:30pm
Hi Sfsf,

I think there is the opportunity.  And if there is a positive ROI to hire a US patent professional to help us grow our business in US or SH, we will do so. I am open to that discussion.

BTW, most our employees can speak good english. So speak Chinese is not a must.

thx, jeff

Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by SWU on Mar 22nd, 2007, 11:51am

Do you have Chinese applicants' cases to file in the US? Whether written in Chinese or English doesn't matter-I am a China-born US patent agent. You may reach me by email.



Title: Re: Patent Service from China
Post by Jeff_Xu on Mar 29th, 2007, 1:42am
Hi SWU, we do have chinese company applying patents in US. normally, they will give us tech documents in Chinese and our engineer will translate them into English. please send me your email address and we can exchange some information. thx, jeff

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