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   EE experience
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EE experience
« on: Apr 26th, 2007, 5:57pm »
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can anyone with electrical engineering background share his experience with me.
i am concerned about the following factors:
1) age (37 - 40) before the law degree.
2) potential openings and marketability + earnings
3) with extensive IC background, how critical is law school ranking.
it would be really great to hear from guys with Phd in EE.
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Re: EE experience
« Reply #1 on: Apr 26th, 2007, 8:29pm »
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I have an EE, but just a mere undergrad.
I'd say with an EE, the rank of your law school is not very relevant unless applying to a large general practice firm where the hiring committee will include non-patent attorneys.  In those firms, the name of the law school and your class rank become much more important.
AIPLA surveys have average salaries.  If you have a local friend who is a patent attorney, ask to see a copy.  But figure that your engineering experience will not add much to your salary.  If you have a high engineering salary, you may end up with the same salary as a starting patent attorney.  I'm not exactly sure what starting salaries are these days but maybe something like 80k for a small city, 120k for a big city, depending on the firm.  But the top end is much higher as a patent attorney.  The big money is at partnership level so figure you'll need to invest 7 years after law school to get there.  Or you can go the corporate route which starts higher for people with low experience but caps out quicker, maybe at about 200k.  Some companies are 8-5 jobs instead of high stress high hours at law firms, but some companies can be unpleasant with a lot of politics and people coming in with low dollar value problems.
As a law firm partner, you'd be looking at probably at least 200k, maybe more like 400k depending on how good your clients are, how hard you work, how many associates you have working for you, how many years you've been on the partnership track--different firms have different formulas and some have a committee and no formula.  Getting clients is important.
In a big firm in a big city, it could be 600k.
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